"The hell you preach!"
– Hattie Love

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Hattie Mae Love
Portrayed by Patrice Lovely
First appearance Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas
Gender Female
Occupation Owner of Love Train's Diner
Residence Atlanta, GA
Husband Unnamed husband
(Widowed; Deceased)
Child(ren) Linda Love
35 unnamed sons
Other Relations Danny Love (Grandson)
Floyd Love (Brother-in-law)
Lionel Harris (Ex-son-in-law)
Marianna (Ex-granddaugher-in-law)
Unnamed ex-lovers

Hattie Mae Love is the main character on the show which centers around her, Tyler Perry's Love Thy Neighbor. She is portrayed Patrice Lovely.


Season One

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Personal Life

Hattie has appeared in many Tyler Perry plays and she has many different occupation and lives in each one. She is known as one Madea's friends who is played by Tyler. In her first appearance, A Madea Christmas, Hattie is a maid for the successful, rich, Mansell family who she shares a secret with why she can't be fired. In her next play I Don't Want to Do Wrong!, Hattie is the wife of Rev. Wallace and the mother of a young lady named Yolanda who is having infidelity in her marriage while her husband is in Iraq. The following play, The Haves and the Have Nots, Hattie is retired and can't pay the bills of her house and has her daughter named Rose, son in law Frank, and grandson Wallie move in to help out. In the last play that she's in, Madea Gets a Job, Hattie is in a nursing home because her sister kicked her out for sleeping with her husband. It is also noted that she and Madea know each other alot and are very good friends as said in A Madea Christmas. It is unknown if they are all different Hatties but they are portrayed by comic, Patrice Lovely as well in the series. 


Season One


  • Though Hattie is a character on Love Thy Neighbor, she was in the play version of the OWN show, The Haves and the Have Nots, which happens to premiere with Love Thy Neighbor on May 28th and May 29th.

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